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UGEARS is the creator and manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical model sets. 

Made of wood, each UGears model assembles easily and without the need for glue 
or special tools thanks to our patented plywood joints. And instead of a simple static display, each model is capable of a unique and fascinating range of self-powered movements, all without batteries.

It started with an idea to impress our beloved and became the collection that brings people of all ages to childhood memories and the world of creation. 

Our models are fun for grown-ups and kids of all ages and bring them into the cool world of mechanics. 

We’ve come a long way of engineering know-how and production fine-tuning to ensure the assembly of our models is great and rewarding experience for the whole family. 

We’re very serious about the quality of our sets: apart from meticulous product testing and quality control, we source plywood from responsible and sustainable sources, and while looking for the way to smoother out the construction experience for our customers we’ve even invented and patented our own plywood joint design. 

Established in 2014, now, 3 years later, UGears offers 26 unique models of gorgeous, intelligent design. 

And that’s only the start. In 2017 we created 7 new models and now we have many more in development. 
All our models are result of the UGEARS engineering team’s collective imaginations. 
Most of them are inspired by real-life mechanisms and many are drawn from the 100 models wish-list of our customers. 

Turns out these days gadgets and video games aren’t everything - people of all ages from all over the world still love assembling the models, seeking that rewarding feeling of constructing something with their own hands, inviting their kids and grandkids into the awesome (and admittedly old-school but yet so cool) world of mechanics! 

Today, hobbyists are assembling UGEARS models in 85 countries across 5 continents, and we care deeply about the great support, priceless feedback, and kind advice we have received from each of them.

Join us in bringing these unforgettable moments to DIYers of all ages!
Please contact us on info@ugears.online to become our stockist.
We supply High Street stores like John Lewis:
We supply museum's gift shops like Science Museums:
We supply unusual gift shops like Nauticalia and  Ludibrium:
We supply Christmas fair stalls:
Please contact us on info@ugears.co.jp to become our stockist.


Please visit our stand GH41 on Toy Fair in London 23-25 January 2018.
Olympia, Kensington, London, W14 8UX

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