Robot Factory - build your own mechanical town by UGears


Robot Factory Model

Its main feature is a semi knock-down automatic assembly line for the manufacture of Wooden Robots. It runs on Geneva drive. After initial preparation all you need to do is to push the button. And a Wooden Robot is ready!  

The most impressive visual effect is achieved by a decorative Stirling engine or to be precise, a steam engine.  

Number of component parts: 657

The main mechanical block stages a factory unit or a boiler-room, or – more generally – one of the steam-punk workshops. Along the perimeter of, on the side, there is a monorail with a freight hoist that can be manually moved along the conveyor belt.  

Another catch of the model is the figures of the workers for the factory unit

The curious element is the boxes. They… open ). The factory unit has a ramp for the future trucks or other mechanical vehicles.    

And, of course, we have TWO Wooden Robots with moving parts. They have articulated legs and arms joints, capable of body rotation and come with a control cabin.  

Presumably the robots can be exploited in the Space expedition but it is under discussion now.






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